Dinosaur Birthday Gift Ideas For Kids (Adults too!)

I love shopping for gifts especially for the little ones. I spend a lot of hours surfing, window shopping etc etc – finding the best gift for birthdays, anniversaries – you name it. Dinosaur related gifts are one of the easiest as per my book. I did a Dinosaur theme for two years in a row. So I have done a lot of ground work on this. I can go on and on on this topic. Don’t worry – I won’t. I think there are a few gifts though that just stands out that you may want to consider…

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Dinosaur Lego

My son has the complete Jurassic World set. The working mum guilt trip – every time I went on a business trip which was quite often in the past, I would get him a new set. I actually bought most of the lego sets in the US or Europe (depending on the exchange rate). And they do deliver to hotels in case you are travelling overseas. Ok – I admit – I love the Dinosaur Lego series too. So it didn’t take much convincing for me to get all the sets.  

Also just to note in case you are visiting Legoland – with the Legoland membership, you can get discounts on the Lego sets and they have a huge store at the Johor Legoland!

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You can buy lego from a few good shops on Lazada including of course Lego Store itself. Sometimes the other shops have good discounts. Do check it out!

Dinosaur Figures

I love the figures from Jurassic World series. We have a number of them – including the Hatch ‘n Play dinos. Yes – that’s right our house is full with all types of dinosaur species from all types of playsets. I could probably open a shop!

Disney also has the Good Dinosaur series that may be suitable for the younger kids…

Dinosaur Play Mat

It’s a great gift idea especially when combined with a Dino play set. Check out these playmats at Amazon. They usually come with a few dinosaur figures. 

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Dinosaur Card and Board Games

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Yes – there is that too! For the kids who LOVE all things dinosaurs…

Jurassic World has a number of games merchandise – kind of expected. There is UNO, Kerplunk! For bigger kids, you can find some online dinosaur games like Dino World Online etc. I didn’t include that here but you can google it to find out more. 

Dinosaur Bedding & Other Decor

What kid wouldn’t love a dinosaur theme room? These would be awesome gifts too! The internet is amazing – I couldn’t find these kind of bedding designs at the stores back home but you can get stuff from anywhere in the world now…

I especially love the wall stickers that I got from Amazon. They stick really well and does not damage your wall…

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Dinosaur Back to School Stuff

There are many brands out there – so many different cool designs. And I guess what’s great about these gifts is that they are practical and useful. You can get cool lunch bags, backpacks, stationery sets and so on.

I personally love Smiggle products – check out my son’s bag. My son love this bag – a bit too much maybe. I am struggling to get him to switch to a bigger bag. Anyway – I think their dinosaur merchandise are great!

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Love Those Dinos!

I hope you got some ideas of what to get for your special little (or not so little) babe. Whatever you decide to get in the end – I am sure it will be a DINO-MITE present!

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