Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

I like buying gifts. Correction – I just like buying stuff. I have listed here stuff that is pretty cool if you want to get it for your partner who is truly a Star Wars fan. Some are quite pricey – probably to be reserved for the special ‘friend’. I recently purchased a limited edition Yoda, myself. There are some cool stuff that won’t break the bank too. Take your pick. 

Actually these are cool stuff just to get for yourself! Forget about the other person!

Gifts below $50

Darth Vader or Stormtrooper Clock (Lego Edition)

This is just slightly below $50. I have the Darth Vader version in the bedroom. Yeap, very geeky. It’s quite cool, good size to put on the table – about 25cm in height and the kind of gift that you see every day, you know. Can personally recommend!

The Funko Pop Series

My daughter started a DC Funko Pop collection. They’re quite cute. There is also a Star Wars collection of course.


T-shirts will never get old…for adults and kiddos. Great for Father’s Day too! Not so much for collectors but some folks like them. Especially the ones with cool Star Wars memes.

Clothing Accessories

These Star Wars ties are adorable! Great gifts for cool guys… You can match them with tie clips!

Bedding & Other Household Accessories

Kid fans would love these bedding from Jay Franco. Worth mentioning in the post.

I also love this BB8 wall light.

Gifts Between $50-$150


Who doesn’t like Chewbacca? Ok – for those who don’t know Chewbacca (basically non-Star Wars fan) – he is a Wookie warrior (yes – it’s the correct spelling W-O-O-K-I-E). He is Han Solo’s co-pilot.

I had a Furby, it was quite fun and I personally prefer Furbies over Hatchimals. Unless you have kids – you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Anyway – Furbacca would make a cute gift for Star Wars kiddo fans (also adults like ‘moi’) – so why not? 

Licensed Cufflinks

There are many cheaper options on the net and Amazon. But if it’s a gift – maybe you want to give the official licensed versions. A bit pricey but better workmanship and they come with Star Wars gift box. Will be appreciated by the avid Star Wars fan…I think the 2D version which is half the price of the 3D versions are nice enough… but if you have money to splurge…

Pandora Star Wars Charms

I just got my set last week! Gorgeous… So happy about the set – I wrote a post on it!. Check out my post here. 

Didn’t plan on buying the whole set. Don’t really know what happened there. But just gorgeous, right? This will be a super gift for a Star Wars fan… Love, love, love!!!

You can get your own collection via Pandora, Amazon or Zalora. Link to Zalora here ==> Zalora MY

Gifts >$150

Cool LEGO Sets

This will really make a Star Wars fan go ‘ga-ga’. Of course – he or she has to be a lego fan too – otherwise forget it. You need to have the patience to put these together. So I LOVE legos… so if you plan to give a gift to someone like me – these are the models to get! They are not just any model (still waiting for someone to ‘gift’ me one of these). Everytime I go into a lego store – I would go to the Star Wars section and check out the prices… one day…

  • The Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 Expert Building Kit and Starship Model (more than 7k pieces) – sigh…when will I own one
  • The Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon –  75257 Starship Model – only if you’re not planning the buy the first one…you can see from the link below – this is way cheaper than the expert version (1,351 pieces)
  • The TIE fighter 75095 (1685 pieces)
  • The TIE fighter 9492 (413 pieces)

Ok but of course – for most kiddo fans – the standard LEGO collection will do. The ultimate collection is more for adults or teenagers at least.

Collectible Pewter

'The Greatest Teacher, Failure Is' - Yoda

Isn’t he beautiful – meet our very own Limited Edition Yoda – just out a few weeks ago from Royal Selangor Pewter. Gorgeous…

If you think the limited edition is a bit too much – maybe get a small pewter Yoda figurine. Check out the links below. I like the pewter material, it’s strong and heavy and it’s handmade.

Other Pewter Collectibles

I wanted to get the limited edition Darth Vader. Annoyingly, we don’t have any in Malaysia – but it seems there are a few pieces on Amazon. Do check the seller ratings before you buy as there are few pieces left.

The limited edition C-3PO is beautiful; didn’t fancy Princess Leia so much – but I heard that most people bought the whole Vader-Leia-Hans-Solo combo…

There are also standard non-limited edition figurines  and models like the TIE Fighter – the one in the picture is ours

You can check out the many more models/figurines they produce. Even a chess set with the whole Star Wars gang!


They do need to be part of the list…

For the kiddos, you may want to stick with the cheaper versions from Hasbro or something. But the boy (or girl) trapped in the adult body – these lightsabers are your best bet. These have metal hilts – so they give a bit of realistic feel to them.

Coach Bags

Coach sells a number of Star Wars design wallets, purses and bags. Personally, I am not too much into them. The ones I shared here I think are not not too bad. 

I prefer collectibles displayed privately or small wearables like pins, or ties (with subtle designs). Anyway – that’s just me. 


Last but not least, Swarovski also produces figurines. For me – I would choose pewter over crystal figurine. I am very clumsy – don’t trust myself with all these fragile items. But they are nice…

I should really stop here...

I realised I could go on and on about Star Wars merchandise. Got to stop somewhere. 

Anyway – if you know someone who really loves Star Wars, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the above. Happy shopping! May the Force be with you…


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