Hot Air Balloon Adventure – Malaysia

If you are looking for an exciting activity for the family, or just anyone really who wants to do something a bit different – then I would recommend going on a hot air balloon ride. As a treat for my daughter, for our Mummy-Daughter Day Out – I booked my daughter and I, on a package with My Balloon Adventure in Putrajaya. 


Pre-flight coffee/tea and biscuits

‘Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them’ – William Arthur Ward

That line is so true here – literally. This activity is for early risers! You need to be up there, bright and early to catch the beautiful sunrise. Also – it will simply be a bit too hot beyond certain hours, (this is Malaysia after all). So the flight take-off time is usually 7-ish AM. My Balloon Adventure can also arrange for pickup for those staying in Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya hotels. 

On the morning of our flight, while we were having our pre-flight morning tea and biscuits, we were feeling a bit anxious, because the weather didn’t look that great. The crew was waiting out for a bit to see whether we can fly that day. Luckily it worked out. Yay!

We watched the team prepared the balloon for the flight (see picture) – it looked like super hard work!

All set and ready to go!!!

During the Flight

Admiring the view

They have different balloon sizes catering to the group size – smallest balloon for us – as it was just the pilot and us! Even better. You will get a time-lapse video of your flight – the above snapshot is taken from the video.

It didn’t feel scary at all – but then, we are not afraid of heights. Although our pilot, Izzati explained that fear of heights only happen when there is contact between you and the ground like when you are on a ladder etc. So we will not have that ‘fear of heights’ in any case when in a hot air balloon. Must take my Sis out here one day to test this theory because she is sooooo afraid of heights! And we have evidence of this in videos and photos! (Yes – I am a great big sister).

The flight time was about 45min – everything moved very slowly up there. You just go wherever the wind carries you – it was very relaxing. We had a 360 degrees gorgeous view of Putrajaya. It felt so great – what a way to fly – no windows, so free and out in the open.

View of Putrajaya
Seri Saujana Bridge and Lake view - Gorgeous
Sunrise - I should get a better camera; you do what you can....

Post Flight

'Packing' up the balloon

So you don’t know where you will land really – it all depends on where the wind takes you. Izzati was always in constant contact with people on the ground. In fact – the rest of the crew were following the balloon closely in their pickup truck. She found a place to land – it was a very patchy, muddy field. But it was a good open space.

Funny incident – a police officer came over when we landed to see what’s up. Guess he was checking for permits and all. Anyway – it was all good. We even took pictures with him!

We had post-flight drink/celebration – a customary tradition which started in the 1780s when hot air balloons first took flight in France. Champagne was presented to the farmers whose field, the balloon had landed on as a gesture of goodwill – a peace offering for disturbing the land and animals grazing in the field. Now, its tradition that balloonists all over the world offer champagne (in our case – grape juice), to passengers after a hot air balloon ride.

After the balloon was all packed up – it was time to head to Cyberview Lodge for our buffet breakfast! (The breakfast is part of the package).

Wonderful Time

We had the most amazing time! And the My Balloon Adventure team was super great – we had a blast flying with them. Highly recommended. 

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