Party Ideas – Dinosaur Theme

My son loves dinosaurs so much that I did a Dinosaur Theme party 2 years in a row. It helps a bit that I think they’re pretty cool too.

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Dinosaur Cake Ideas

These are the cakes that I finally landed on in terms of designs – and no, I didn’t make any of them. I just decided on the designs (after many searches – decided these are the best) and outsourced the cake making to my favourite chefs from Mad About Cake. I think these are the best single tier, not too gory and tasteful Jurassic World Cake designs.

Link to Mad About Cake website.

Jurassic World Cake - this is my favourite cake; simple to bake also if you want to DIY
This one was a tough one to carry. The chef made the dinosaur - alternatively you can put a dinosaur toy on the cake
Dinosaur Egg Cake - this year I decided no dinosaur, just the egg. I love this one - beautiful.

Of course, if you are one of those folks who love baking, you could make your own cake, cupcakes etc. Just get some dino toppers to go with them. 

I considered DIY once, but knowing my limited skills (and patience), I decided that ‘outsourcing’ is best!

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Party Pack Ideas

I have my standard checklist for the party packs. 

Snacks & Drinks

Starting with food, you may want to consider:

  • A packet drink – Milo/Ribena/Flavoured milk
  • Snacks – Crisps/Mamee snacks/Double Decker
  • Candies – Chuppa Chups/FruitPlus/Chocolates
  • Cookies – Dinosaur cookies

Toys/Other Fun Stuff

I always add one or two ‘fun items’ in the party favors. Depending on my budget of course. Since this is a Dinosaur theme party – I think you can’t go wrong with anything on the below list.

  • Dinosaur Toys – Kids love these. You can’t go wrong with dinosaur toys. You can get the dinosaur toys from Toys R Us – Animal Zone Dino Mega Bag or the smaller Dino Tub. It is a bit pricey but I like the quality. You can get cheaper alternatives at Lazada or Amazon – if you do this just ensure the quality is good and buy from reputable suppliers since these will be played by small children. I always check out the seller ratings and reviews just to be sure. Do check the size when you buy online – since some of these can be very small and not suitable for little ones.
    • Check out the links from below for more choices (with good reviews of course). 
A few items from our personal collection - trust me when I say we have a HUGE collection and my son remembers each one of them. He knows if any is missing.

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  • Dinosaur activity/colouring/story book – If I buy a colouring book, I usually add a small box of colour pencils or crayons. And some stickers of course! For toddlers – I would recommend board books. Check out these books from Amazon. For Malaysians, I would suggest getting colouring books from MPH or Popular for your party packs or you can buy online from Lazada (shared some links below). And colour pencils are definitely well priced in Popular. I have bought tonnes of them over the years. Great quality – my favourite is Faber Castell brand.

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Party Favour/Goodie Bags

I decided to use pencil cases as goodie bags for my son’s 8th birthday. Thought it would be a better alternative – the kids can then reuse the cases for school etc. Actually the real reason was, I didn’t have time to order anything online this round – it was super last minute. So I went over to Popular book store and bought a large quantity of mesh pencil cases. 

Usually I would buy plain coloured gift bags and stick a party tags on them. I don’t really like to use the usual birthday goodie bags at the stores or online as they tear easily. The ones I buy are used for wedding favors or used by big retail outlets. Not so easy to get them last minute. They are made of strong material and proper handles. Just sharing some of the ones I saw on Amazon that would fit the bill. See below. At least, the bags can be reused for other things.

Another alternative – (and probably I would order these kind for my daughter’s birthday just around the corner) are the drawstring bags…

Links to Amazon

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There are small backpacks on my list here. They can be quite reasonably priced, and is a great party favor by itself (skip all the toys). I did give backpacks to the kiddos for my daughter’s party that one year.

Party bag

Party Banners

I don’t normally do these, but I had to do one this round very last minute. Yes everything was super last minute. (Bad planning or rather ‘no planning’!). Didn’t have time to get one at the shop. So I made my very own Dinosaur banner. Quite easy to do – The letters are straightforward to do. For the dinosaur – split your favourite Dinosaur clipart into three parts – print them out, and you’re done! I laminated these so that I can be rough with them as I string them up.

But if you don’t want to do-it-yourself, check out the cool dinosaur banners at Amazon. I don’t normally buy the whole party supplies – cups, plates etc. Normally I spend so much on other bits – so I skip this bit. But I did see some real cool party supplies set which are not too expensive on Amazon. 

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Party Bag Tags

I make a new one every year according to the birthday theme. This was for my son’s 8th birthday. I did this template in Powerpoint and printed on sticker paper.

You can download the template here for personal use if you like. Check out also Avery Sticker paper from Amazon. For Malaysians, they sell good quality papers at ArtFriend at the Curve or Mid Valley but they are quite pricey. I have been using these for years. Just noticed there are cheaper alternatives at Lazada…


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Party Invitations

I also make my own party invites. New design for every birthday! If you’re interested in the template below, for personal use, please feel free to download per the below link. 

Check out also the Canon 4″x6″ photo paper which I use to print all my invitation cards. I like the Canon printout quality. I make small storybooks with these too for my kids.


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Have Fun Planning Your Party!!!

I love organising these special events for the kiddos – I hope that I am able to create beautiful childhood memories for them. And for me too of course. They grow up so fast. 

Hope you find this useful for your party – it really is a super duper fun theme!

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