PJ Masks Birthday Theme

My kiddos were so into PJ Masks for a period – that that year we decided to have a PJ Mask theme birthday party! The PJ Mask characters are quite cute – 3 average kids by day and superheroes by night. So Mummy also learned their names – who is what and what their special powers are and so on. Even learned their theme song and catch phrase. 

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PJ Masks Essentials....

You cannot call yourselves parents of true fans of PJ Masks if you don’t know these…



The Heroes

Amaya @ Owlette

Superpowers – Super Flying Ability & Super Eyesight

Greg @ Gecko

Superpowers – Super strong, super sticky and super great at camouflage

Connor @ Catboy

Superpowers – Super Fast and Super Hearing

The Villains (Well - a few of them, the list keeps on growing)

Mad Scientist Romeo

Abilities: Super smart, super hi-tech villain

Ambition: Take over the world

Night Ninja

Abilities: Very agile, can perform spins, back flips and high jumps; Ninja fingers – power to move any objects big and small with his fingers

Weapons: Sticky splats – impact the PJ Masks’ moving abilities; henchmen aka Ninjalinos

Luna Girl

Special Abilities – She has moths as minions. They love her and will anything for her – although she can be quite mean to them.

Weapons – Luna Magnet (enhanced power when used with Luna Wand) – traps people and objects in moon bubbles

Source: PJ Masks official website

Back to the Party Stuff... Birthday Cake

There are many cool 3D cakes out there. But my kids wanted simple cakes this round…Obviously Anna wanted an Owlette cake and Haziq wanted a Catboy cake..These cakes are made with edible frosting sheets. And yes – yummy chocolate flavoured cake inside!

What a lot of people opt for is just to make a normal cake with a night scene as the background and add PJ Masks cake toppers on top. Beautiful.

Party Favors

There are many options – toys, books etc, it all depends on your budget. Here are some ideas:-

Felt Masks

In my party pack, I included felt PJ Masks masks. As I did the whole thing pretty last minute, I had to make the masks myself – there was no time to order online. Too bad because another mummy managed to get those (exactly like the ones from the link I shared to Lazada below, complete with a bag) – and my daughter brought one of them home from school and they looked really good! Mine wasn’t too bad but it was really hard work buying the materials, cutting out the pieces and putting on the strings. To be fair – I did that very last minute (completed on the birthday party day itself. Can’t blame me, I was working late hours that whole month. But I had to do this still for my baby girl still…)

Link to Amazon

Link to Lazada

PJ Masks Activity Book - Colouring and Sticker Book

This is always cool to add to party packs. The Crayola one I find is a bit pricey, but I like the quality.

Interestingly, not many PJ Masks activity books out there online in Malaysia. You could probably walk in to MPH or Popular to find these. But usually its difficult to find the same theme ie. PJ Masks for 20 or so kids. 

Link to Amazon

PJ Masks Bracelet

Bracelets, wristbands etc are cool party favors these days. I bought several packs from Amazon when I did a Pirate theme. You do need to check that you are buying kids size bands….

Party Bag

Make your own

You can download the template here for personal use if you like. What I do is I make these personalised part tags, print them on sticker paper (used to be normal inkjet paper before I discovered sticker paper) and then stick them on each party bag. (See my party favours picture above). Very satisfying. I’ve made these on PowerPoint (why – no idea, just got used to the app while working on presentations etc at work), but basically you can easily play with the document once downloaded – customise as needed.

You can download the template here for personal use, if you like. Check out also Avery Sticker paper from Amazon. For Malaysians, they sell good quality papers at ArtFriend at the Curve or Mid Valley but they are quite pricey. I have been using these for years. Just noticed there are cheaper alternatives at Lazada…


Buy Online

With the PJ Masks theme, if you don’t want to customise your own bags, you can also get party boxes or party drawstring bags online. They are actually quite affordable. Or you could buy lunch bags – I did that when I did a Minion theme one year. Check out the links below…

Link to Amazon

Party Invites

I also make my own party invites. New design for every birthday! If you’re interested in the template below, for personal use, please feel free to download per the below link. 

Checkout also the Canon 4″x6″ photo paper which I use to print all my invitation cards. I like the Canon printout quality. I make small story books with these too for my kids.


Links to Amazon

Cool PJ Masks Gift Ideas

If your kids are into PJ Masks, there are a number of cool merchandises out there. I have listed down a few stuff – some I also owned and I think they’re great gifts. Check my post – PJ Masks Gift Ideas for Birthdays or Any Occasions.

Or my other posts relating to birthday parties and gifts:-

Have fun organising the party for the little one…!!!

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