PJ Masks Gift Ideas For Birthdays or Any Occasions

PJ Masks is a team of three kids – Amaya, Connor and Greg who are your average kids by day turned superheroes by night.

Amaya is Owlette with Super Flying and Super Hearing abilities. Greg is Gecko who is super strong, super sticky and super great at camouflage. And Connor is Catboy – super fast with super hearing like a cat of course.

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So what kind of cool PJ Masks gifts are out there for the little PJ Masks superfans?….


These are one of my favourite PJ Masks merchandises – the masks. Yes – I bought all 3…These are very good quality masks. Was very happy with the purchase! I can’t remember whether I got these at Toys R Us or Hamleys. Not the cheapest places to buy; they’re great fun for sure and most importantly comfortable to use. The strap length can be adjusted.

You can also get them at Amazon and Lazada.

Links to Amazon

Links to Lazada Products

Note that many Malaysian stores have run out of these masks. They don’t stock so many of these. Even on Lazada… 


I love this set of figurines especially. But I was a bit disappointed that they did not include Luna Girl. At least this original set which I bought from Toys R Us didn’t. (Maybe the later sets have them?) You can also buy individual figurines or the one that comes with its own unique PJ Masks transport.

I love these kinds of figurine sets – every time I go to Europe or the US, I will see if I can go to a Disney Store and get all the different figurine sets – from Disney princesses to Doc Mcstuffins to Jake and the Neverland Pirates sets etc. (We don’t have a Disney store in Malaysia – yes super annoying)…

Note that there are a lot of copies out there which are way cheaper than the original thing. I bought the real deal because I have a thing about copies, and I especially worry about the safety of the materials used. Some of the copies I have seen are quite good. And some of the copies are really bad – eg. obvious imperfect features etc and bad quality material. 

PJ Masks Mission Control HQ

I wanted to buy this set for my daughter’s birthday but even after discount, it was above my budget. So I didn’t get it. I think it is cheaper in the US and the UK – a lot cheaper. So fellow Malaysians, if you are travelling to the US or UK, and can fit in your bag – you should really get it there.

PJ Masks Bedding Set & Other Decor

A true PJ Masks fan would go crazy over a PJ Masks theme room.

Again – not many options on this side of the world. But you can find some nice selections on Amazon from bedsheets, comforters, wall stickers and even night lights. Oh yes – and a small kid sofa.

Clothes + Other Wearables

For folks on this side of the world – you may find your options are a bit limited. I even considered printing my own shirts – yeap my home ‘workshop’ is kind of completed with everything – tool, machines etc. But you have all those cute hoodies online. Really nice!

Bags & Other Back to School Stuff

You can’t really run away from this option. Every cartoon show has its own school merchandises, including PJ Masks.

The PJ Masks collection has the standard backpacks of various sizes, lunch bags, water bottles, stationery … the list goes on and on…

Hope You Found That Special Something...

I hope you find the list useful and you found that special something for the special little one…

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