Lasik – Seeing is Believing…

Lasik eye surgery is not new – the technology has been around for a long time, and it has also evolved. When it all first started – doctors use blades to make the flap, then they started coming up with bladeless option, now it’s even flapless. I first did my first Lasik procedure back in 2010. And I have many friends who did theirs, years before me. 

Slightly less than two weeks ago, I did an enhancement for my right eye. Both my eyes power were 175. I didn’t take care of my eyesight well I suppose – all those late nights working away on my laptop. Anyway – you may ask – why only one eye? What does it all mean?

Why only one eye

I did only one eye enhancement because of my age. If you are in your mid-40s, if your eyes have zero power, there is a high chance you are already using reading glasses. I currently do not need reading glasses, so the doctor recommended that I do Lasik for one eye only. This way, I have what is referred to as blended vision – my dominant right eye is used for far distance vision, and the other eye for near. If you have heard of the monovision Lasik procedure – that is a technique that corrects one eye for emmetropia (distance) and the other eye for myopia (near vision). I didn’t have to do that – I just had to do the correction for my dominant eye for the shortsightedness.

Of course, whether this works for you or not, depends on your lifestyle and occupation. When I did my first eye procedure in 2010, I was in my 30s, and I did both eyes. I was super happy with that – I didn’t need time to get used to it or whatever. Now with my ‘blended vision’ – it’s been almost 2 weeks, and I still feel a bit bothered when I am using my laptop especially. Otherwise – not so much. It’s alright during the day but at night not so comfortable. I was told – it takes about 3 months or slightly more to get used to this new way of seeing things.

Isn't it permanent?

Once you have your eyes corrected – you have a brand new set of eyes. So just like when you do braces for your teeth, once completed, you have a set of straight teeth. But just like everything else, you should take good care of your new eyes. An unhealthy lifestyle can damage the eyes. My husband and I did Lasik the same week in 2010 – I did mine first. I was like the guinea pig if you like. My power was less than him at 375/350 for right/left eyes. His was higher in the 500-600. His eyes are still alright until now, but I am the one needing enhancement. Go figure. I concluded – I worked more late nights than him! Anyway, my power just before this enhancement was 175 for both eyes – now it’s zero/175 for right/left eyes.

Surgery Options

Today there are many options.

You have bladeless, flapless option like ReLEx (offered by Optimax). The new option is less invasive; no corneal flap is required. I am guessing most people would qualify for this now. And if you have a thin cornea, this is suitable for you. It also doesn’t give you side effects like dry eyes.

For those of us, who already have a flap from the older method, like Femto Lasik, you would have to go through the same procedure. It is still painless and quick, but you still have to have the flap opened before a second laser is used to correct the cornea. Again, just like before, whether you can do an enhancement depends on your cornea thickness.

There is also implantable contact lens (ICL) offered by many eye specialist centres. Something similar to contact lens is placed inside your eye between the iris and the natural lens – it’s an alternative to Lasik and other laser vision correction procedures. 

The whole procedure end-to-end is about 10-15 minutes—even shorter this round for me, since I was only doing one eye. Just ten minutes and I was out. The laser part itself was just a few seconds. After the surgery, you need to come back for checkups – after one day, one week, one month and three months. With Optimax, you are also required to do annual eye checkups as they provide options to do enhancement if needed.

ReLEx Smile

Femto Lasik Procedure

Extract from Optimax website on Femto lasik
My surgery "gear" - yes you wear the mask throughout...
After Care Kit - post surgery, you will get a bottle of antibiotics (4 x a day for 1 week), eye drop (every 2 hours for 1 week) and as needed after that, eye shield, and painkillers (only if necessary) - didn't need the painkillers in my case


This is my second time doing Lasik… and I totally recommend – if you are keen to go for laser eye correction treatment – go for it! No regrets in my case.

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Most hospitals now also offer Lasik eye correction surgery. My brother and sister did theirs at Prince-court hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

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