Lunch at Trattoria al Gazzettino, Venice

Who doesn’t love a good seafood pasta? Especially when the seafood is lobster!


The restaurant is about 3 minutes walk from the Clock Tower in St Mark’s Square. I stumbled upon it while googling seafood restaurants around the area. I needed to have a quick (but still some kind of memorable lunch) as I only had a few hours before I needed to leave for the airport later that day. So couldn’t venture too far from the Square at that time.

 The restaurant is rated 4.5 by more than 10k reviewers on TripAdvisor as at Oct 2019. Yes! Lucky me – what a find! Also lucky for me – I thought they will turn me away as I didn’t have a reservation and the place was packed; but when they saw I was alone, they somehow managed to squeeze me in. 

Love the settings

Front of the restaurant
Love the interiors - very cosy
Excited for lunch

The restaurant is quite busy. So that’s always a good sign. I like the decorative timber beams on the ceiling. There is an old ‘feel’ to the restaurant which is nice. The patrons look friendly too. Think everyone was stealing glances at what everyone else is having. The servers were friendly.

Delicious Food

They had a good range of seafood options – I was struggling with what to choose. Kept looking at what everyone else had on their table thinking maybe I should go for this and that. Finally I made up my mind – Lobster Noodles. Simply delicious – made me so happy. 

Big portion. The lobster is covered by the pasta. The bread was excellent too. This was a pretty messy affair.
Me attempting to take a masterpiece picture with the lobster. Obviously - I am not very good at this.

Highly Recommended!

I really really love the food. And the food service was fast – which I really appreciated. If I come here again I plan to try something else that caught my eye – the Tagliatelle sea fish or with crab. Anyway – just a tip – the place is busy so if you want to have a quiet slow lunch, then go outside the peak hours.

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