Schilthorn – Beautiful Views & James Bond

We stayed in Lauterbrunnen when we were in Jungfrau. The weather was not that great and we only had that one day to visit Schilthorn (and it was in the PM), but since Schilthorn is free with the Swiss Travel Pass up to end of this year, I thought – might as well…

Getting There

From Lauterbrunnen we took the 141 bus to Stechelberg cable car – about 20 minutes from the village. After that, it’s a series of cable car up to Schilthorn. It takes about an hour or so from Lauterbrunnen to Schilthorn. If you’re coming from Interlaken, that means you need to add another 30 mins.

An alternative route is take the cable car from Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp. And then the train from Grutschalp to Murren, and from Murren the cable car to Birg and then Schilthorn. You could do one leg of the journey via Stechelberg and the other via Grutschalp so that you get to see different mountain views going up vs coming down. 

If you are travelling between Apr and Nov, I recommend going at least one way via Stechelberg – you can make a stop at Trummelbach Falls, the biggest subterranean waterfalls in Europe.

Thrill Walk at Birg

When you arrive at Birg (last cable car stop before Schilthorn), make sure you do a quick stop and check out the Skyline Walk and the Thrill Walk.

If you’re not afraid of heights – then make sure you do the Thrill Walk – a 200m long steel and glass bridge that clings to side of the rock at Schilthorn!

What To Do At Schilthorn

Skyline View Platform

It was a cloudy day, and we were there around noon. We were fortunate that we were able to get some nice photo shots before everything just turned grey completely. I can imagine if the sky was totally clear – how even more gorgeous the views will be. 

Why is it that my background looks like a poster? Yes - those are real mountains
Beautiful shot - standing at 2,970m above sea level!
My name is Bond, James Bond...
They shot 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' here - I have never watched this one. Fun fact - did you know James Bond fell in love and got married in this movie. Sadly his wife was shot at the end. Now it makes sense why he can't seem to commit to anyone.


360°-Restaurant Piz Gloria

We got here during lunch time – so we were really, really hungry. We decided to have lunch at Restaurant Piz Gloria. It was not the cheapest option but they had halal food and fish option. (Went for something cheap for dinner later on to balance the wallet a bit!) The food was good – and the hot chocolate according to my daughter was the best she had throughout our trip.

Now this is what I would call ‘Lunch with a View’ , fortunately on and off we got clear skies. Its a revolving restaurant, so you get a 360 degrees gorgeous view as you eat. The service was fast and our server was really friendly. One hour well spent!

Fun facts: 

  • The Piz Gloria restaurant is said to be the first revolving mountain restaurant in the world! 
  • The name Piz Gloria is inpired by James Bond’s ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ (1963) which was partly shot here.
  • The James Bond production partially funded the construction of the restaurant in exchange for exclusive use of the location/building for filming. Which was just as well since the owner was in financial difficulty half way through the construction.


Chicken + rice + curry and vegetable. We call this nasi campur back in Malaysia!
Salmon + spaghetti - at least its not plain vegetable spaghetti again. It was yum!

Skyline Take Away

If you want something quick and simple, you can also get drinks, some snacks, hot cup noodle perhaps at the Skyline Take Away cafe.

Bond World

My Dad loved James Bond. He was a Sean Connery fan – but he watched all of the movies (true James Bond fan!). I was the eldest – so I spent many hours watching old and new Bond movies with my Dad. Some I liked, some I didn’t especially the older Bond movies. After going to Schilthorn, and visiting the Bond museum, I think I have better appreciation of them. The stunts that they did here in the mountains was amazing, and it was back in the 1960s, so things were not very high-tech back then. I am sure if I brought my Dad here – he would have been super duper happy to see all this. Miss you, abah! Check out this clip from ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’…
Bond World - featuring George Lazenby as James Bond.
One of the interactive exhibits - you can climb inside a replica helicopter, and navigate the flight just like in the movie

007 Walk of Fame

Beautiful views all around – see below – this is also where The 007 Walk of Fame is located where you can see the details, hand impressions etc of cast and crew members of ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’.


An excursion to Schilthorn is really worth it – but make sure you go there when there is good weather. You probably need 3 hours at the top at Schilthorn and maybe another hour at Birg.

Also, what I notice with all the mountain trips, early morning is the best as there is less people. When we went back down, the cable cars were packed. That was not fun. But overall – if we ignored the last bit on the cable cars, it was an excellent trip! Happy that we made the journey!

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