Birthday Party Venues in KL & PJ

Every year, I scratch my head to find the best birthday venues for my kids. Here are some ideas…

Nice venue. There are several packages offered. The basic package gives you one-hour jumping time. If you can splurge a bit, take the 2-hour jumping package. The kids will have a blast!

The packages offered gives you a minimum of 30 mins use of the party room. I took the 90 mins package for my daughter’s party. The basic package gives you simple party food and drinks. 

The package I opted for had a combination of heavy and light food and even ice cream for dessert. They offer vegetarian menu/package also. I got a free birthday cake with my package – so basically I didn’t have to bring anything except the party packs. And the portion was more than enough to cater for the parents too.

The venue caters for both adult and kids. There are several courts which are used for various activities like group exercises – aerobics, basketball, and so on. There is a court that can be reserved exclusively for your party if you have young children.

Practical points

This is quite a safe venue because this part of the building is exclusive to JumpStreet – there is parking provided, washroom facilities, and a small cafe is also available in the compound. There will be other people there using the facilities, but it should be fine. For the kids in the party group, in the first hour, there will be a facilitator showing them the different courts and how to use them (so more like a “guided jump”). And if you have little kids – as mentioned, there is a court that you can reserve for your party.

Main Court
Dodgeball Court
Food from the party package
Party settings by Jumpstreet

My eldest wanted to go for cooking classes and that’s how I discovered Young Chefs Academy. They also, of course, offer birthday party packages.

The party slot is usually about 1.5-2 hours. And your child can choose what the party group will make for the day. My daughter wanted ice cream (as most kids will do). As part of the package, you will get party invitations, party decorations and an 8″ birthday cake – but you can bring your own cake of course. Finger food and drinks are part of the package. So really all you need to do is show up with the party packs.

I also ordered some light refreshments for the parents. You can also opt for add-ons like a theme party and party packs. They have two venues in Sri Hartamas and IPC Damansara.

Practical Points

We had the party at the Sri Hartamas centre – it was very safe. They have washroom facilities, and the entrance is secured. Important if you are organising birthdays for smaller kids and the other parents decide to leave their children there. At least everything you need is within the YCA centre, and you don’t have to worry about kids running off etc. and can also enjoy the party. There are several staff on standby to help if anything, so basically you can just sit and relax and spend the time taking memorable photos!

Looking good in their party props and YCA aprons
The staff were great with the kids
Nice set up by YCA
Eating time!

After they’re done with making the ice cream, it was time to cut the cake and eat. We ordered chicken wings/drummettes and sausage puffs for the kids (you get to choose two types of refreshments for the kids).

Laser Warzone E-Curve

This is a great place to organise your kids birthday. You get to use the Function room for 2 hours. They can help you with the party food – which I opted for my kid’s party. The food quality and portion were very good. I was pleased with that. So again – just showed up with the birthday cake and party packs.

The kids will have two rounds of games.

Practical Points:-

The great thing about this venue is that it’s in a mall – so parents don’t need to sit around and wait. And there is ample parking (although lunchtime may be busy). While that is a “plus”, if you are organising birthdays for primary school kids, because it is in a mall and even though the washroom is nearby – you may need to have an adult chaperone to bring the kids to the restroom. Other than that this is a great venue to have your birthday event and the price is quite reasonable.


I called the branch at 1 Utama to check their package, but I didn’t go through with it. Funny reason – my husband and I went into a debate whether some kids would end up just frustrated because they couldn’t do the climb. Since I have never done this kind of sport (or most sport) – so I didn’t really have a good counter-argument :). But I understand that the team at Camp 5 can cater to many age groups and honestly kids are more adventurous than us adults. Do have a conversation with them if you have concerns.

Their package includes food catering at their cafe, and they will also arrange party games. Camp 5 cater for adults and kids – they also offer corporate packages etc.

TGV Birthday

I enquired about the birthday package at 1 Utama branch- and it is quite good. Note they have a minimum headcount – which makes sense as they need to close the hall for the private event.

1 Utama has what they call the Beanie halls, which will be suitable for families with young kids. The prices are different for different hall types starting from approximately MYR1k. (The pictures here are not necessarily the halls available for rental). 

They have several food options ranging from buffet to packed food. The buffet set is quite complete with appetiser, main dish – either pasta, rice or noodles, desserts and cold and hot drinks. Of course – you may want to add a popcorn-drink combo which is a separate add-on.

You also get to choose the movie – depending on what is showing at the time of the event. I was initially planning an Avengers party – well, that didn’t happen clearly. Maybe the next birthday party. Still keen on this one.

U-Bowl 1 Utama

We have been to at least three birthday parties at U-Bowl. Kids always have a blast here. My daughter was pressing me to make sure I RSVP on time for the recent one she got invited to. They have kids lanes (with the sidebar – if needed).

They can help you with the organisation like providing party food etc. But as the bowling alley is in a mall, usually the parents will just prepare some snacks/finger food and drinks. I think this is more suitable for older children – 8-9 years and above. This is also on my shortlist for our next birthday party.

This is an indoor kids park. We have been invited to the one in Bangsar Shopping Complex and Atria Shopping Centre. The Atria branch is bigger. Kids love it. They get to run, jump, slide etc. for however long they want for the day. That’s the hardest part – even after the party is over you may find it difficult to get your kids to leave! You can book the party area for 2 hours or more. The Atria branch also has a cafe – the “Jungle Cafe” – I understand you may be asked to buy some food from the cafe, but you are also allowed to bring your own party food to the venue.

Jurassica is located at Gardens, Mid Valley. For birthday parties, there is a minimum headcount which would give the kids access to the park’s activities, and they also cater for the party food. They have a walkthrough exhibition/display area with large size dinosaurs, and a kid zone/play area similar to what you get in Jungle Gym (smaller version of the Jungle Gym since the area is split between the dinosaur exhibits).

It is not a big place – I imagine it is a good venue for younger kids birthday parties. I brought my younger kids to Jurassica just last week, and they enjoyed themselves!

KidZania also offers birthday party packages – from a simple basic one to themed parties. Younger kids will have a lot of fun exploring KidZania after the birthday party itself. Last I checked the package includes, other than the birthday kid and his/her parents, a certain number of guest kids entrance fee, birthday invites, birthday cake. They also provide food and photography at an additional cost. Never went for KidZania because my kids have a long invitation list usually. But it will be a good venue if you are holding one for a small group of kids. They also offer a discounted price for additional kids and parents. I don’t know any kid who doesn’t enjoy KidZania – your kids will have a blast!

Practical Points:-

It’s quite safe inside KidZania, but if you are looking after very young kids, you probably can’t let them run around on their own. 

Fast Food – McDonalds, KFC, A&W

These are obvious, but worth mentioning. I have had one party at McDonalds Mutiara Damansara myself, and I have attended both KFC and A&W parties. These venues are great for young kids.

McDonalds did a great job for my daughter’s party. You get to book the party room for about 2 hours (packages do change – so do check the website). They will prepare the party room and all the decorations. The guests order whatever they want to eat – there is a minimum spend depending on what package you choose. We brought our own cake. The McDonald’s team organised party games for us. After the party games, the younger kids can play at the play area. Basically – not much for us to do – just come and enjoy ourselves.

As for KFC, you can choose from a few party set packages. And of course, you can add on more food if needed during the day itself. I recall that you also get at least 2 hours use of the party room/area.

A&W offers similar party packages like KFC – you can choose from the party set packages. The packages include decorations, party invitations and the A&W team will organise games as part of the packages. You can choose to have your party at their outlets or your own place. What I like about A&W is that you can add on their yummy ice cream, or waffle desserts (not part of the package of course) – if you are doing the party at the outlet. These will be appreciated add-ons by the little ones.

This is a bit pricey for me when I looked into it – but I will mention it because it is simply a cool venue! You can check out the website for the package price. The event hall is also rented for corporate events hence the price. The package is complete with food, cake, party games – you get a tour around Aquaria, and you get to see the fish feeding session.

KL Bird Park is another option. They have a standard party package which covers the entrance fee, food, use of the private event room, a guided tour around the park. The positive part is the kids get to do a bit of outdoor stuff and they get to learn about bird species etc. So a bit of learning embedded in the fun. The price per person is quite reasonable.

I haven’t been to the park myself in a while but I recall most of the birds roamed free. But there are some that did not, for safety and whatever reasons. So as with all animal parks – there are positives and negatives. Anyway – no harm checking it out if you want an outdoor setting. 

Enjoy planning!

I hope the list helps. Enjoy planning your party – have a great one! 

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